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The History of Ni-Cd Battery

May. 09, 2018

At that time, the only direct competitor was that the lead--acid battery, that was less physically and physically robust. With slight improvements to the first prototypes, energy density quickly increased to approximately half of the of main batteries, and significantly greater than direct-- batteries. Jungner experimented with substituting iron to the cadmium in varying amounts, but discovered the iron formulations to be wanting. Jungner's work was mostly unknown in the USA. Thomas Edison patented a nickel-- or cobalt--cadmium battery 1902, and accommodated the battery layout when he introduced the nickel--iron battery into the US two years after Jungner had built one. Back in 1906, Jungner established a factory close to Oskarshamn, Sweden to create flooded design Ni-Cd Batteries.

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