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Explosion-proof Emergency Light Features

Jul. 15, 2019

The explosion-proof emergency light is powered by the emergency battery power supply. When the main power is cut off, the explosion-proof lighting fixture for emergency lighting can be activated immediately, or it can be controlled by an external switch. The following Emergency Lighting Products Manufacturer introduces you to the characteristics of explosion-proof emergency lights.

1. It has automatic emergency function and long emergency time.

2. Adopt LED light source, low power, long life, high efficiency and energy saving.

3. Advanced and reasonable circuit design, high electrical efficiency, high reliability, energy saving and maintenance free.

Emergency Lighting Battery Ni-Cd

4. Optimized structural design, lightweight alloy casing, dustproof, waterproof and impact resistant, ensuring maintenance-free lighting and avoiding unsafe factors in maintenance.

5. High-tech surface spray treatment technology, corrosion-resistant, reliable and durable, can be used reliably in harsh environments.

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