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What is the Cycle Life of Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Oct. 20, 2020

As an Emergency Lighting Battery Supplier, share it with you. The attenuation coefficient of the service life of the lithium battery cycle system, in fact, is the specific available capacity of the rechargeable battery today, and the short-circuit capacity between the two at the original factory shows a trend of continuous decrease. For an idealized lithium battery, the volume balance will not change during the cycle time of the circulatory system. The original volume of each circulatory system should be a special value, but the specific situation is much more complicated. All adverse reactions that can cause or consume lithium-ion batteries will cause changes in battery power balance. Once the battery power balance changes, such changes will be irreversible, and can accumulate in several circulatory systems, which can cause serious harm The circulatory system characteristics of rechargeable batteries.

What is the Cycle Life of Lithium-Ion Batteries?cid=191

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There are many factors that endanger the service life of the lithium battery's circulatory system, but the direct reason is that the total number of lithium-ion batteries participating in kinetic energy transmission continues to decrease. It must be emphasized that the total output of lithium in rechargeable batteries has not decreased, but the active lithium-ion batteries are becoming less and less. They are restricted elsewhere or in the safe passage of themed activities, and cannot participate in the circulatory system battery charge and discharge at will. The whole process.

Under normal conditions, lithium batteries have been operating for 2 to 4 years, and the recharging frequency of the recycle battery is about 300 times. According to the quality of the rechargeable battery and the materials of the lithium battery, the life frequency of the lithium battery is clarified:

1. The frequency of the circulation system of ternary materials is around 800.

2. The cycle frequency of lithium iron phosphate battery is about 2500 times.

3. The frequency of the genuine lithium battery cycle system is different from that of the defective lithium battery cycle system. The genuine rechargeable battery is designed, manufactured and manufactured according to the cycle system frequency on the manufacturer's instructions. The frequency of the defective battery cycle system is sometimes very high. It may not be easy to circulate the system 50 times.

The current life of the 18650 cycle system can be up to 500 to 1000 times, and if it is a rechargeable battery produced by a reliable manufacturer, the life of the 18650 cycle system can be up to 2000 times. Of course, if it is a defective product Or counterfeit rechargeable batteries, then it is too short.

Its service life is divided into cycle time service life and schedule service life. Cycle time service life refers to the frequency of the battery charging cycle time of a rechargeable battery; calendar table service life refers to the time from production to completion of the rechargeable battery. The service life of this type of cyclic system refers to the frequency of recharging the battery of the lithium battery recyclable system.

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