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What are the Basic Principles of Charging and Discharging 18650 Lithium Batteries?

Mar. 19, 2021

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The basic principle of charging and discharging of 18650 lithium battery:

Solar Lighting Battery Lithium

Solar Lighting Battery Lithium

The working principle of a lithium battery refers to its basic principle of charging and discharging. When charging the battery, the lithium iron phosphate will be caused in the positive stage of the rechargeable battery, and the resulting lithium iron phosphate will enter the negative stage according to the lithium battery electrolyte. Carbon as a negative stage has a laminar structure with many microplates. The lithium iron phosphate that reaches the negative stage is placed in the carbon microplates. The more lithium iron phosphate is placed, the better the battery's ability to charge. Big.

Similarly, when the rechargeable battery is charged and discharged (that is, the whole process of using the rechargeable battery), the lithium iron phosphate placed in the carbon layer of the negative stage is adsorbed by the resin and moves back to the positive stage again. The larger the total flow of lithium iron phosphate, the larger the charge and discharge volume; the volume of rechargeable batteries generally refers to the volume of charge and discharge.

When the lithium battery is charged and discharged, the lithium iron phosphate moves from positive level → negative level → positive level; if you compare the brand of lithium battery to a rocking chair, the two sides of the rocking chair are two aspects of rechargeable batteries, and lithium batteries are like fitness exercises. Who flew back and forth on both sides of the rocking chair. Therefore, authoritative experts have given a lovely name to the lithium battery-rocking chair battery.

The charging and discharging process of 18650 lithium battery:

Lithium battery charging operation is divided into two stages. The first stage is the constant current power supply battery charging. When the battery voltage drops, the charging head uses the DC circuit to charge the battery; the second is the constant voltage charging link, when the battery voltage reaches a certain value Because of the characteristics of lithium batteries, if the working voltage is high, it will be destroyed. The charging head will fix the working voltage and the current will gradually decrease. When the current drops to a certain value (usually 1/10 to set the current ), disconnect the battery charging power supply circuit, the battery charging end indicator light is on, and the battery charging is complete.

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