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For Ni-MH Battery, should the battery be discharged before being stored or stored under power?

Dec. 25, 2019

Which two different perspectives should be adopted? Many people think that the former should be adopted, but Ni-MH Battery Packs Wholesaler believes that the battery is more reasonable to keep it live. Because: According to tests, the best conditions for storage of nickel-metal hydride batteries are about 80% when charged. This is because the self-discharge of the Ni-MH Battery is large (about 10% -15% a month). If the battery is completely discharged and then stored, if it is not used for a long time, the self-discharge of the battery will cause the battery to overdischarge Will damage the battery. Do not believe? Then you think about whether the newly purchased Ni-MH rechargeable batteries still have electricity, which is the reason. Suggestion: make more comparisons, correct the wrong point of view, and start to maintain the battery from the right direction, otherwise it will be contrary to expectations.

Ni-MH Battery

Try not to discharge the NiMH battery. Overdischarge will cause charging failure. The harm of doing so is far greater than the memory effect of the NiMH battery itself!

Chargers are mainly divided into fast charging and slow charging. Slow charging current is small, usually around 200mA, for example, our common charging current is about 160mA. Her charging time is long, and it takes about 16 hours to charge a 1800mAh Ni-MH battery. Although the time is a bit slower, it will be fully charged without hurting the battery. The fast charging current is usually above 400mA, and the charging time is significantly reduced. It can be done in 3-4 hours and has won everyone's love. There are many types of fast charging, and the prices vary. Therefore, people often have questions. Why is the price very different for fast charging? Good chargers, especially good fast chargers, are equipped with anti-overcharge protection. For example, our common Panasonic Need Charger BQ 390 performs particularly well in this regard. The excellent chip software design ability also recharges the battery. Minimize the harm of fast charging to the battery.

Slow charging does not hurt the battery but the charging time is too long; fast charging can save time, but it is harmful to the battery. Even the best Panasonic Need Charger BQ390 in the world can only reduce the damage very well, but it cannot be completely avoided. . The solution to the contradiction is to buy a fast charge and a slow charge. Use fast charging for a period of time, such as 5 or 10 times, then switch to slow charging once or twice. This will restore the battery performance to its best condition.

When batteries are used, they are usually battery packs, that is, 4 or 6 cells are connected in series. At this time, it is important to maintain the balance of each cell, otherwise the work of the entire battery pack will be affected because of one of the battery problems. First of all, to ensure the same battery capacity, it is best to choose batteries of the same brand and same model purchased at the same time. Then, to keep the internal charge of the battery consistent, in short, the battery pack is either fully charged or empty. If there are more batteries that make up several battery packs, you can try "selecting" them. Specifically, the battery cells with similar parameters such as capacity and voltage are connected in series to form a battery pack. Due to insufficient conditions, it is generally sufficient to measure the voltage after the discharge point and the voltage charged. We also have Dewalt Battery 3.6V on sale, welcome to consult.

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