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A Comparison Between Ni-MH Battery And Li-ion Batteries

Feb. 19, 2019

Modern society has been powered by various digital devices like cell phones, laptops, and cameras. Each one these items use batteries. There are a number of kinds out there and every type has their flaws and strengths. With this guide, we'll talk about and compare Ni-MH Battery and Li-ion batteries.

These types of batteries are usually used for high drain devices like laptops, cellphones, iPods, and digital cameras. However, they have some distinguishing features which make one type more efficient in than the other in some regards.

NiMH Pros

High Energy Density: These have an average of 2200mAh (milliampere hours—the amount of current in milliamperes that it can give multiplied by the time in hours.) This is greater than the 1500mAh seen in Li-ion batteries. These are the standard numbers in 1.2v Ni-MH Cell and 3.7v Li-ions.

Compatibility: If you have ten gadgets using an Ni-MH Battery Packs, you can use a single pack to power them all. Not simultaneously of course. NiMH uses standard sizes so they are compatible with all devices using sizes such as AAA or AA. Compared to Li-ions, the sizes depend on the manufacturer or model of the device. I did see some AA size Li-ions around the market so it may be worth checking them out.

Li-ion Pros

Reliable: These have a significantly lower self-discharge rate than a NiMH battery. As a result, they can be used for low-current devices like clocks or watches watches.

Faster Recharge: Li-ion Battery can be charged in about 1-3 hours, depending on capacity. This is much faster than the 10-12 hours needed for NiMH batteries.

Ni-MH Battery

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