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The Advantages of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Nov. 15, 2022

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are rechargeable batteries, particularly lithium-ion batteries, with LiFePO4 as the cathode material and graphite carbon electrodes with a metal backing as the negative electrode. LiFePO4 has lower energy density due to its lower operating voltage. Due to its low cost, low toxicity, well-defined performance, and long-term stability, LiFePO4 plays many roles in vehicle use, utility-scale stationary applications, and backup power.


LiFePO4 Packs 1600mAh 12.8V


1. High Charging and Discharging Efficiency

Lifepo4 batteries are lithium-ion secondary batteries. A major use is for power batteries. lifepo4 battery charge and discharge efficiency is high, with charge and discharge efficiency reaching over 90% in the discharged state.

2. LiFePO4 Battery Safety Performance is High

Lithium iron phosphate crystals in the PO bond is stable, not easy to decompose, will not collapse or heat as lithium cobaltate, even at high temperatures or overcharge will not form strong oxidizing substances, good safety.  It is reported that in actual operation, a small number of samples were found to be burning in the pinprick or short circuit test, but no explosion occurred. In the overcharge experiment, a high voltage charge several times higher than the nominal voltage was used and an explosion was still found. Nevertheless, its overcharge safety has been greatly improved compared with ordinary LiCoO2 battery with liquid electrolyte.

3. LiFePO4 Battery Has a Long Cycle Life

Lifepo4 battery is a lithium-ion battery with lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode material. Long-life lead-acid batteries have a cycle life of about 300 times, up to 500 times. Lithium iron phosphate power batteries have a cycle life of over 2000 cycles, with a standard charge (5 hour rate) of up to 2000 cycles. The same quality of lead-acid batteries is "new half year, old half year, maintenance half year", up to 1 ~ 1.5 years, while lifepo4 battery in the same conditions of use, the theoretical life will reach 7 ~ 8 years. Considered together, the cost performance is theoretically more than 4 times that of lead-acid batteries. High current discharge can be charged and discharged quickly with high current 2C. Under the special charger.

4. Good Temperature Resistance

The peak temperature of lithium iron phosphate can reach 350℃-500℃. Wide operating temperature range (-20C - +75C), high temperature resistance, lithium iron phosphate electrothermal peak temperature can reach 350 ℃ -500 ℃.

5. LiFePO4 Battery High Capacity

It has a larger capacity than ordinary batteries. The single cell capacity is 5AH-1000AH.

6. No Memory Effect

Rechargeable batteries work in the case of often not fully discharged, the capacity will quickly drop below the rated capacity. This phenomenon is called the memory effect,like NiMH, NiCd battery, but lifepo4 batteries do not have this phenomenon, no matter what state the battery is in, with the charge, no need to charge and discharge. 

7. The Light Weight of Lifepo4 Battery

Lifepo4 battery with the same capacity is 2/3 of the size of lead-acid battery and 1/3 of the weight of lead-acid battery.

8. LiFePO4 Battery is Environmentally Friendly

Batteries are generally considered to be free of any heavy and rare metals (NiMH batteries require rare metals), non-toxic (SGS certification), non-polluting, in compliance with European RoHS regulations, and an absolute green battery certificate. Therefore, lithium batteries are favored by the industry mainly because of environmental considerations. Therefore, the battery has been included in the national "863" high-tech development plan during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", becoming a national key support and encourage development projects. With China's accession to WTO, China's export of electric bicycles will grow rapidly, and electric bicycles entering Europe and America are required to be equipped with pollution-free batteries. The performance of lithium-ion battery mainly depends on the positive and negative materials. Lithium iron phosphate is a lithium battery material that has emerged only in recent years. Its safety performance and cycle life is incomparable to other materials. The most important technical indicators of the battery. Lifepo4 battery has the advantages of non-toxic, non-pollution, good safety performance, wide range of raw materials, low price, long life, etc. It is the ideal cathode material for a new generation of lithium-ion batteries. 

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