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The Development of Ni-MH Battery

Mar. 16, 2018

Ni-MH Batteries, as an alternative to early Ni-Cd batteries, is the most environmentally friendly battery in the world. Not using the toxic cadmium any more, it also can remove the pollution of the elements from the environment.

The Ni-MH battery has a larger energy density ratio, which means that you can use the Ni-MH battery to effectively extend the work of the device without adding extra weight to the digital device. Another advantage of a nickel hydrogen battery is that it significantly reduces the "memory effect" of the Ni-Cd battery, which makes the Ni-MH battery more convenient to use.

Ni-MH battery is the most mature secondary battery in HEV field. In the short term, nickel-metal hydride batteries are still promising in the coming new energy era.

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