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Maintenance Tips And Recommendations For Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Nov. 09, 2018

LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer will help you explain how to maintain lithium iron phosphate battery, and give some good suggestions, I hope to help you understand the characteristics of the battery.

1. When the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is fully charged, do not rush to unplug the charger. Be sure to leave enough time for the battery pack to automatically equalize and allow each group to be fully charged. Otherwise, it is possible that the individual battery pack voltages are gradually lower than the other groups and affect the normal use of the entire battery pack.

2. It is best not to use a stainless steel case for the battery case, which will not only increase the cost, but also be difficult to disassemble during maintenance.

3. If the Lithium Battery Pack is found to be abnormal, be sure to maintain it in time to avoid irreversible damage to the battery pack after a long time.

4. Do not use the battery pack without a balanced protection board. It is easy to cause overcharge, over discharge or individual battery pack performance of some battery packs, and shorten the service life of the battery pack.

5. Maintenance must be carried out in strict accordance with the operating rules, not short circuit. Due to the small internal resistance of the battery, the short circuit will cause it to smoke and damage, and even cause dangerous accidents such as fire and explosion.

6. Because the order of disassembling and installing the balanced protection board is extremely easy to cause damage, it is not easy to disassemble the balance protection board during maintenance.

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