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Advantages of LiFePO4 Battery

Sep. 13, 2017

1.High safety performance. As a car power, safety is among the first thinking factors. Although the safety of general Lithium Batteries can be basically ensured, there is possibility of fire and explosion under the pole condition. LiFePO4 battery as the two generation products, its physical function is stable, no explosion no fire, is now the world’s only sure the safety of lithium ion battery.

2.Long life and low cost. As the power battery, its life is closely related to the overall cost. The battery can walk more than 500 thousand kilometers, and can use five years or so. Coupled with its production cost is lower than its general lithium battery, it can greatly decrease the cost of the use and protection of electric vehicles.

3.Use processing convenience. LiFePO4 Battery does not contain any heavy metals and rare metal, non-toxic, no pollution, in accordance with the regulations, it is green environmental protection battery. 

LiFePO4 Battery

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