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What's the Difference Between Lead-acid Battery and Lithium Battery (Ⅰ)

Apr. 03, 2018

Electric bikes have become one of the most popular vehicles on the market, and the E-bike Batteries are one of the most important components. The batteries currently sold on the market are lead-acid batteries and Lithium Batteries. What's the difference between the two?

1. Durability: the lead-acid battery is normally deep and deep enough to discharge 300 times, with memory and life span of about two years. The lithium battery has a strong durability, slow consumption, and have no memory, the generally life lasts 4-5 years.

2. Volume and quality: the general lead-acid battery weighs 16 to 30 kg, with a large volume; The lithium battery is generally 2.5 to 3 kg, which is relatively small, so it is easy to ride and easy to handle.

3. Price and warranty period: the mainstream battery in the market is 48 volts. If replaced, the lead-acid battery is about 450 yuan, and the warranty period is 1 year. The price of lithium battery is relatively expensive, it needs about 1000 yuan, but the warranty period is two years.

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