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Do You Know the Charging Time of E-bike Battery?

Jun. 01, 2018

During use, charging time should be accurately grasped according to the actual situation. With reference to the usual frequency and mileage, we must also pay attention to the capacity provided by the battery manufacturer. And the matching charger's performance, charging current and other parameters to determine the charging frequency. In general, the batteries are charged at night and the average charging time is about 8 hours. If the discharge is shallow (the mileage after charging is very short), the battery will be full soon, and over charging will continue to occur, causing the battery to lose water, heat, and reduce battery life. Therefore, the E-bike Battery with a discharge depth of 60% -70% when the first charge is the best, the actual use can be converted into riding mileage, according to the actual situation of the necessary charge, to avoid harmful charging.

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