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Why Choose a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery For Solar?

Sep. 17, 2018

Batteries are crucial to off-grid solar energy systems. The batteries store the energy produced by the solar panels for either present or future usage (using an inverter), based on customer requirements. Renogy includes three types of deep-cycle batteries: Absorbent Gel Matt (AGM), Gel, and Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery For Solar. Every type of battery has its own distinct attributes and cost points, which makes them attractive to a broad selection of consumers. 

This Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is top of the line when it comes to solar storage applications. This is a rechargeable lithium iron battery that offers a longer lifespan, better thermal stability, and greater safety features than the other batteries available at Godson Technology. It is perfect for many deep-cycle applications including solar, wind, marine, RV, telecommunication systems, medical equipment, and much more. It is lighter (25lbs), more compact, and powerful than its other 100Ah counterparts. This Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery for Solar Lighting also retains higher voltage than its 100Ah counterparts. Budget-conscious shoppers be weary: this is the most expensive type of battery we have.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery For Solar

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