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LiFePO4 Battery Has High Safety Coefficient But Small Energy Density

Dec. 02, 2017

The Power Tool Battery performance of electric vehicle is mainly embodied in the two aspects of safety and energy density. Safety is needless to say, this is the primary choice of any transportation. Besides, the limited traffic space and the requirement of the mileage, the power density of the power tool battery is very important. There are many factors affecting the performance of China Lithium Battery, which the positive material is an important factor to play a leading role. 

In general, the advantages of LiFePO4 Battery is high safety coefficient, long cycle life, disadvantage is low energy density. China and American enterprises have basically chosen the LiFePO4 battery route, focusing on increasing the energy density. It should be mentioned that for security reasons, the relevant government authorities and officials of Chinese government may encouraged enterprises to walk the LiFePO4 battery route. 

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