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Electrolyte for Safety Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Nov. 11, 2017

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery electrolyte uses the solute of lithium salt and nonaqueous solvent for dissolving solute, which has good overcharge protection safety and long service life. Choosing the right electrolyte is the key to obtain the high energy density, long cycle life and good safety of the lithium ion two stage battery. 

It is found that adding lithium salt stabilizing agent has weak base, which can react with PF5 and restrain its side reaction. It can restrain the dissolution of positive electrode and cause the capacity attenuation and increase the capacity retention rate of the battery. LiFePO4 Battery Pack as lithium ion battery anode two using the electrolyte, can overcome the shortcomings of lithium iron phosphate battery exists, can improve the safety of electrolyte and the positive and negative electrode materials compatibility, matching and safety. It has good performance of anti overcharge safety and long cycle life.

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