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Lithium Battery ICR14500 750mAh 3.7V

    Model Number: ICR14500

    Product Name: Lithium Battery ICR14500 750mAh 3.7V 

    Type: Lithium Battery

    Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

    Nominal Capacity: 750mAh

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Rechargeable Lithium Battery ICR14500 750mAh 3.7V 

Cell dimension: 14±0.5(D) * 65±0.5(H) mm

Nominal capacity: 1050mAh

Norminal voltage: 3.7V

Charge: 0~45℃, 60±25%R.H.

Discharge: -20~60℃, 60±25%R.H.

Storage temperature for a long time: -20~25℃, 60±25%R.H.


1. Emergency lighting series: emergency lights, emergency power supplies, safety exit signs, solar lights, lawn lights, flashlights;

2. Electric tools: electric drill, hand drill, planer, electric saw, electric hammer, impact drill;

3. Electric toys: remote control cars, remote control boats, aircraft, model aircraft, drones;

4. AC equipment: wireless telephone, wireless walkie-talkie;

5. Other uses: electric shaver, massager, electric toothbrush, etc.;

6. Electric vehicles: light electric vehicles, electric motor vehicles, electric bicycles;

7. Other small electrical miner's lamps;

8. Small equipment;

9. Energy storage equipment;

10. Start the power supply;

11. Fixed power supply;

12. Military field, etc.

Performance Curves of Lithium Cell:

1.Lithium Cell Charge Curve (Charge at 1C)  

2. Lithium Cell Discharge Curve (Discharge at 1C )

3. Lithium Cell Cycle Life Curve

Battery Pictures:



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