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Do You Worry About The Lithium Batteries?

Jun. 29, 2018

The security and reliability of lithium batteries is a large concern, hence all assemblies must possess an incorporated Battery Management System (BMS). 

The BMS is a system that monitors, evaluates, balances, and protects cells from working beyond the"Safe Operating Area". The BMS is a vital security part of a lithium battery system, protecting and monitoring the cells inside the battery from over current, under/over voltage, under/over temperature and much more. A LiFePO4 cell will probably be permanently damaged when the voltage of this mobile actually falls to less than 2.5V, it is also going to be permanently damaged when the voltage of this cell increases to greater than 4.2V. The BMS monitors every cell and will avoid harm to the tissues in the example of under/over voltage. 

Lithium Batteries

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