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LiMnO2 Battery CR17450 3.0V

    Model No.: CR17450

    Description: Lithium Battery

    Chemical System: Lithium Maganese Dioxide

    Nominal Voltage: 3.0V

    Nominal Capacity: 2400mAh(20mA/1.5V)

    Dimensions: 17.0(D) * 45.0(H) mm

    Max. Constant Current: 1500mA

    Max. Pulse Current: 3000mA

    Cell Weight: 22g

    Operating Temp. Range: -40~+60℃

Battery Features:

■Long shelf life, which is more than 10 years; 

■Wide operating temperature range from -60℃ to +85℃; 

■Stable operating voltage and loading voltage;

■Available with small, medium and high pulse discharge current. Available 

series including bobbin type, spiral type and battery packs.

■With unique performance in wet environment by adopting stainless steel 

material, laser and hermetic glass-to-metal welding sealed; 

■Long service life of above 5 years; Could be up to more than 10 years in 

some special application; 

■High energy density, could reach more than 650Wh/Kg, which is about 3-10 

times of other series lithium battery; 

■Complying with UL, SGS, CE, and UN38.3. 


1. Signal lights and the post indicator transfer

2. Security system

3. Memorizer standby power

4. GPS location tracking device

5. Professional electronic equipment

6. Electronic toll collection systems

Battery Pictures:

LiMnO2 Battery CR17450 3.0V

LiMnO2 Battery CR17450 3.0V

LiMnO2 Battery CR17450 3.0V

LiMnO2 Battery CR17450 3.0V



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