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Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery

    Product Name: Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

    Brand Name: Godson or OEM

    Type: Lead acid

    Cycle Life: ≥500 times

    Packaging: Standard export package or customized package

Product Name: Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery


1. Long Design Life: The use of heavy-duty lead-calcium alloy grids with anticorrosive constrution enablesthe prostar batteries to remain in float service for 10 years.

2. High Energy Density: Prostar has been improved to bring about 15% higher energy density than comparable batteries at long duration discharge helping to design. equipments to be smaller, lighter and more cost effective.

3. Safety: No electrolyte leakage will occur from terminals or case ensuring safe and efficient operation.

4. Maintenance-Free

5. Gas Pressure Venting System

6. NO Free Acid

7. NO Equalizing Charge Requited

8. Prostar is equipped with anti-explosion device which improves safety


1. Communication systems: switch, microwave stations, mobile base stations, data centers, radio and broadcasting stations

2. Motivity Field: robots, electric toys, electric tools and portable vacuum cleaners

3. Solar and Wind Power Generation Systems

4. Signal System and Emergency Lighting Systems

5. EPS and UPS Systems



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