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Ni-MH Battery SC2200mAh 12V
  • Ni-MH Battery SC2200mAh 12V
  • Ni-MH Battery SC2200mAh 12V
  • Ni-MH Battery SC2200mAh 12V
  • Ni-MH Battery SC2200mAh 12V
Ni-MH Battery SC2200mAh 12VNi-MH Battery SC2200mAh 12VNi-MH Battery SC2200mAh 12VNi-MH Battery SC2200mAh 12V

Ni-MH Battery SC2200mAh 12V

    Model Number: 10GS-SC220HT-A

    Product Name: Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack 2200mAh 12V

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

    Type: NI-MH

    Size: SC

    Configuration: Side by side

    Nominal Voltage: 12V

    Nominal Capacity: 2200mAh

 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack SC 2200mAh 12V

Standard Charge Mode: 0.1C for 16 hours

Cycle Life: ≥500 times

Operating Temperature: (-20℃) - (+70℃)

Storage Temperature: (-30℃) - (+60℃)

Cell Dimension: 23.0 +0 -1.0(D), 42.5±0.5(H)

Cell Weight: ≈52.5g

Expected Life: 4 years

Packaging: Standard export package or customized package


1. Lighting: emergency lighting, emergency power supply, solar lights, searchlingts, flashlights 

2.Power tools: electric drills, planers, saws, power granted

3. Electronic toys: remote control car, remote control boats, aircraft, model aircraft

4. Communication equipment: cordless phones, walkie-talkie

5. Other uses: electric shavers, massagers, electric tooth brush

Product performance:

1. Long service life (under normal conditions, the battery cycles more than 500 times.)

2. High rate charging and discharging performance: under the charging conditions specified by the company, the battery can be sufficient in one hour and can discharge with more than 10C current.

3. Wide temperature range: in high and low temperature environment, the battery performance is stable, and the working temperature range is - 10-70 ℃。

4. Good storage performance: at room temperature, the capacity of the battery remains above 70% after one month storage.

5. Improper use of safety devices: add chemical protection to prevent polarity reversal and over discharge; add safety relief valve to reduce internal pressure in case of improper use。

6. High stability: the company adopts the best materials, advanced production technology and technology to make the battery performance stable and reliable.

Performance Curves for Ni-MH Cell:

1. Ni-MH Cell Charge Curve At 0.1C For 16h At 55 Degree

2. Ni-MH Cell Discharge Curve At 0.25C At 55 Degree

3. Ni-MH Cell Charge Efficiency At Different Temperature

4. Ni-MH Cell Cycle Life Curve

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