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lifepo4 battery for emergency lighting

Lithium-ion batteries are a type of rechargeable lithium battery with more advanced design and technology than most batteries currently available. In addition to carbon, it uses a lithium-ion alloy as its basic electrochemical component, giving it a high energy density rating while being a lightweight battery.

Godson offers excellent LiFePO4 batteries that provide continuous power during emergency power outages.

Lithium-ion batteries have the characteristics of light weight, small size, long storage/cycle life, and high energy density, which make lithium-ion batteries a wide choice for consumer electronics and daily applications.


Communication equipment (e.g. audio, radio, etc.),

Robots and laboratories

Medical equipment and lighting (such as mine lighting, emergency lights, street lights, etc.).

Advantages of lithium-ion batteries:

Lithium-ion cells have a relatively high rated capacity of over 2500mAh

They have very high nominal average voltage ratings of no less than 3.2V and up to 12.8V.

They are lightweight batteries and relatively safe to use.

They enable extremely fast charging.

A low self-discharge rate of approximately 3.5% per month means that lithium-ion batteries can be stored or idle for long periods of time without losing much of their initial charge.

Under normal usage conditions, they have a service life of up to 10 years.

They can operate over a wide temperature range (-20-60°C). They are free to maintain.

They are highly compatible with various devices.

Lithium-ion batteries have higher energy density and voltage than nickel-metal hydride batteries, and are more adaptable and environmentally friendly.

Lithium-ion batteries last longer, have low self-discharge rates and have a long service life, they can last up to 4000 cycles compared to NiMH batteries, which is approximately 10 years

Disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries:

When comparing lithium-ion batteries to nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries are relatively expensive.

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries play a crucial role in various devices, ranging from small electronic gadgets to large-scale energy storage systems, and have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Ensuring the effective charging and discharging of these batteries is of utmost importance for their performance, durability, safety, and environmental impact. Improper charging and discharging can lead to battery damage, reduced lifespan, and even safety incidents.

professional lifepo4 battery factory-Godson

Dating back to the year of 1993, Godson has already had 20 years' of experience in battery industry.

Reliable Lithium Battery Quality Godson focus on providing the excellent quality Lithium batteries to satisfy the customers’ needs all around the world and let them rest assured to use Godson batteries even far exceed customers expectations.

The whole manufacture process are prefect controlled before and during the production to ensure the batteries meet the specifications to surpass international industry standards. With certifications including MSDS, CE ,IEC, ISO9001/2008 etc.

Various Batteries Satisfy Much More Wider Applications Godson is one of the largest Lithium Batteries manufacturers, which offers available battery series from 1.2, 3.6v, 4.8v and 12V modules that power a range of applications, especially for Emergency Lighting.

Also OEM /ODM welcome on customer's details needs.

Effective Marketing Experience and Strategies Godson not only just make one deal with the customers, what we look forward to most is unlimited market development and expansion of batteries. Meritsun team are great willing to provide the completely promotion data of batteries to help our customers/partners open the market, share and provide the marketing experience and comprehensive strategies to effectively and quickly expand your market amount and business.

Professional Technical Training and SupportAs one of the leaders of green and new technology battery, except the our big advantages of R&D teams, experienced employees, fully automatic production lines, large factory to insist our battery development aims.

Godson's professional and technical guidance and responsible and timely after-sales service also won numerous praise. We always support the quick and easy technology guidance when you need help. We look forward to the long-term cooperation partner relationship with you and offer the help in your business and market development of battery. With that, we provide training, webinars and more to guarantee you are confident and never worry when selling our lithium batteries.

Godson lithium batteries serve the green clean, safe and best power energy solutions for all types of renewable energy systems. We look forward to be your reliable Lithium battery partner to develop the market together!


Q1:Are these new cells?

yes 100% ,factory direct.

Q2: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are globally trusted supplier and manufacturer of emergency lighting battery, emergency lighting products, whose batteries range covers Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, LiFePO4,, Lion-polymer and other relevant lithium batteries.

Q3: Can you do OEM?

A: Yes, OEM is acceptable. You can provide the detailed specification requirements to us, our engineers can design the most suitable battery solution for you.

Q4: Is it possible to buy a sample to test?

A: Yes. You can buy a sample to test.

Q5:Where can I get the price?

A: Please Click Contact Now or Request a Quote. We will offer you the best quote in 24 hours after we get


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