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LiFePO4 Rechargeable Prismatic Battery 3.2V 21Ah-22Ah, 24Ah-25Ah, 25Ah-26Ah

    Model Number: GS-IFR3.2V

    Product Name: LiFePO4 Rechargeable Prismatic Battery 3.2V 21Ah-22Ah, 24Ah-25Ah, 25Ah-26Ah

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

    Brand Name: Godson or OEM

    Type: LiFePO4

    Nominal Voltage: 3.2V

    Capacity (Customize): 21Ah-22Ah, 24Ah-25Ah, 25Ah-26Ah

Rated voltage: 3.2 V

Discharge current: 78A

Charge current: 10A (up to 1C 10A)

Resistance: Around 2 mΩ

Maximum charge voltage: (3.6 + -0.05 V)

Continuous Discharge Current: 78A (3C)

Maximum discharge current: 125A (5C)

Minimum discharge voltage: 2.2 V

Weight: 0.653KG

Size: 180 mm (height / with screws) x70 mm (width) x26 mm (thickness)

Application: EV, Power tools, E-bike, Electric motorcycle, Golf car cart,  Tourist coaches,  LED flashlight, Portable power system, etc.


1.Safety: LiFePO4 chemistry is known for its superior safety compared to other lithium-ion battery chemistries. It has a higher thermal stability and is less prone to thermal runaway, making it less likely to catch fire or explode under extreme conditions.

2.Long Cycle Life: LiFePO4 batteries have an exceptionally long cycle life, capable of enduring thousands of charge-discharge cycles without significant degradation. This makes them ideal for applications requiring long-term reliability and durability.

3.Stability: LiFePO4 batteries exhibit excellent thermal and chemical stability, ensuring consistent performance over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions. This stability contributes to the overall safety and reliability of the battery.

4.Fast Charging: LiFePO4 batteries support rapid charging without compromising their cycle life or safety. They can handle higher charging currents, allowing for faster replenishment of energy and reduced downtime.

5.High Power Density: Despite having a lower energy density compared to some other lithium-ion chemistries, LiFePO4 batteries offer high power density, making them suitable for applications requiring high power output or fast discharge rates.

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Performance Curves of LiFePO4 Cell:

1. LiFePO4 Cell Charge Curve (Charge at 0.1C) 

2. LiFePO4 Cell Discharge Curve (Discharge at 0.2C )

3. LiFePO4 Cell Charge Efficiency At Different Temperature

4. LiFePO4 Cell Cycle Life Curve

5. LiFePO4  Cell Capacity Change At Smart Floating Charge At 55 degree



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