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Emergency Power Pack GS-Q815

    Product Number: GS-Q815

    Materials: ABS

    Product size: 161*38*25mm

    Suitable Lamp Power: 11-15 W

    Emergengy Power Range: 11-15 W

    Emergency Time Range: 1h-3h Customizable

    Suitabie Battey Type: Lithium ion / LiFePO4 / Ni-Cd

Product Number: GS-Q815: 

Materials: ABS

Product size: 161*38*25mm

Suitable Lamp Power: 11-15 W

Emergengy Power Range: 11-15 W

Emergency Time Range: 1h-3h Customizable

Suitabie Battey Type: Lithium ion / LiFePO4 / Ni-Cd

Adapt Beattery Voltage: 7.4V/6.4V/7.2V

Input Voltage Range: AC 85-277V

Ouput Voltage Range: ≤DC 300V

Emergency Conversion Efficiency: 80%

Opereting Temperalure Range: -10-55℃

Product Certification Name: CE/ ROHS/ CB

Description of Lithium-Ion Emergency Light Power Pack

In this modern age, where uninterrupted power supply is crucial, the lithium-ion emergency light power pack emerges as an indispensable solution. With its cutting-edge technology and reliable performance, this power pack ensures you have a dependable source of light when darkness looms.

One of the key advantages of the lithium-ion emergency light power pack is its utilization of lithium-ion battery technology. This advanced battery type offers several benefits over traditional power sources. It provides a higher energy density, allowing for longer operating times on a single charge. This means you can rely on the power pack to keep your surroundings illuminated for extended periods, offering peace of mind during prolonged outages.

Equipped with powerful LEDs, the lithium-ion emergency light power pack delivers bright and clear illumination. The adjustable light modes allow you to customize the intensity and coverage to suit your needs. Whether you need gentle ambient lighting or a powerful beam to navigate through darkness, this power pack has got you covered.

Safety is a top priority, and the lithium-ion emergency light power pack incorporates various safety features to provide reliable operation. It includes protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuits, ensuring the longevity of the power pack while keeping you and your loved ones safe.

The emergency power pack of Godson is not just limited to emergency situations. Its versatility extends to outdoor activities, camping trips, and even as a backup power source for small electronic devices like smartphones and tablets. It truly is a multi-functional companion for any situation.

In conclusion, the lithium-ion emergency light power pack is a reliable, compact, and efficient solution for your illumination needs. With its advanced technology, long-lasting battery life, and versatile functionality, it ensures you never have to be left in the dark again. For more information, please contact us. We will provide professional answers.

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